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Math and Science

Courses offered based on Enrollment

Elementary Programs


Math Hour

Our Math Course includes three-station rotation: 

A 20-25 minute small group lesson covering that day's math skill on your child's level. 

A 20 minute hands-on activity applying that day's skill.

A quiet time to personally practice the daily skill and review of previous skills.  

Language Hour

Our language arts course covers a five-focus rotation:

Spelling will include a lesson on the rules we are applying this week, and students will continue to work through hands-on games or activities practicing spelling skills.

Grammar rules and practical application of those skills will be used in our grammar focus.  

Writing will include time-tested writing techniques that correlate our history and science as we learn to write excellent essays as well as other genres. 

Reading skills are a valuable aspect in our language arts program - strengthening phonics skills and sharpening detective reading skills. 

Finally, we cannot focus on reading and writing without also sharpening vocabulary skills.  

Lunch Hour

Our lunch time is an excellent chance for our students to learn and fine tune their kitchen life skills including shopping trips, budgeting, menu planning, and cooking.  

History Hour

History is often known for being boring and about old, ancient people, places, and artifacts. We are looking to change that with project-based learning and active, engaging history courses. 

Science Hour

Science will be using research and experiment-based curriculum and will include elements from STEM.