Program Pricing


The Junior and High School tuition is based on the number of courses taken. Tuition covers Monday through Thursday and includes class time, lunch, and recess.

First Course is $125          Total $125/month

Second Course is $105    Total: $210/month

Third Course is $95          Total: $$285/month

Fourth Course is $85        Total :$340/month

Our Elementary program is priced by the hour, and the lunch hour is volunteer, parent-supervised activity time. Tuition covers Monday through Thursday, and includes class time, lunch, and recess: 

First Hour  $125               Total $125/month

Second Hour $105            Total: $210/month

Third Hour $95                  Total: $$285/month

Fourth Hour $85               Total :$340/month

Fridays include no academic classes. Life Skills classes will be available for $60/month on Fridays, and music lessons will be available at varying rates depending on instrument and teacher. Additional material fees may apply for Life Skills and music classes.

Homeschool Homeroom includes a quiet, monitored study room and a hands-on directed activity center, and is available Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm for your child's 

quiet study time. Drop off family prices for Homeschool Homeroom are $15 per hour for first child $10 each additional child, with no minimum or maximum hours. Contracts for for minimum hours are available at lower rates:

Full time, Minimum 20 hrs per week:   $2.25 per hour

Half time, Minimum 12 hrs per week:  $2.35 per hour

Part time, Minimum 8 hrs per week:    $2.45 per hour

No contract, drop off only:    $15 per hour for first child and $10 per hour for additional

Some charter funds may be acceptable for Homeschool Homeroom contracts.

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Scholarships and parent volunteer hours may be used as credit towards tuition and some services.