About Us


Our Mission

Our calling began with the rise of family-directed education and the desire for a safe, honorable training for our children, leading to the creation of the Roseville Academic Center.


Our mission is to invest in families by providing excellent academics for their children.


Our purpose is to provide a resource center that comes alongside the family and aids in advancing the educational goals and life skills of your children by providing services such as a teacher-led study hall, core academic classes, and more. 

We desire to be a serve you and your family. 


Our Program

We seek to be a blessing in two primary ways. 

First, we offer our Core Four: Math, History, Science and Language Arts. 

Second, we offer classroom study hall for families who need a safe, academic place for your children to accomplish your educational goals while you go shopping or attend a doctor appointment.

The Rac Tracs

Full Trac


Full Track Combines two services we offer 

The Core Four


Homeroom Study Hall

Jr. High and High School  $460/month

Elementary $400/month


Core Trac


The Core Four 

Four Primary Subjects with engaging classes two days a week. 

This will include independent work that can be done at home or in Homeroom if you are taking the Full Trac.

Jr. High & high $360/month

Elementary $300/month

Homeroom Trac


The Home-school Homeroom:

If you educate your students at home but occasionally or routinely need a safe, teacher directed place for your students to get their school work done, the Homeroom is here for you.

Monthly Punch Cards Available

40 Hour Card $80 

20 hour card  $45

10 hour Card $30

Special pricing available for set weekly schedules or full time.

Friday Trac


Friday offers