Education Infused with Life Skills 

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About Us


Our Mission

Our calling began with the rise of family-directed education and the desire for a safe, honorable training for our children, leading to the creation of the Roseville Academic Center.


Our mission is to minister to families highly invested in the success of their children.


Our purpose is to provide a resource center that comes alongside the family and aids in advancing the educational goals and life skills of your children by providing services such as a teacher-led study hall, core academic classes, and more. 

We desire to be a blessing to you and your family. 


Our Program

We seek to be a blessing in three main areas. 

First, we offer our Core Four: Math, History, Science and Language Arts. 

Second, our life skills courses go beyond the classroom by engaging multiple areas of life: wood shop, auto shop, kitchen skills, and the fine arts of drama, art, and music.

Finally, our family care offers a classroom study hall for families who need a safe, academic place for your children to accomplish your educational goals while you go shopping or attend a doctor appointment.


Our Testimony


 I was homeschooled and proudly graduated from American Christian Academy. 

I went off to college, got married, had children, and due to the high cost of Christian school, began homeschooling my children. 

The Lord directed my husband to pastor at Roseville Baptist Church where there was a small, private school, Christian Life Academy. I was adopted into the family (thank you, Gary and Peggy Gubitz!) and have had the honor of teaching there for several years. Then, it was laid on all our hearts that changes would take place. No one knew what that would totally look like, but as God is in things, He created the Roseville Academic Center and here we are today - hoping and waiting to bless other families who care about their children's academics, character, and who they surround themselves with.